Apple is working on a redesign of its iMessage messenger


Apple can influence users much more than a large American company in the field of technology for an obvious reason. The Cupertino giant has cultivated the most refined digital ecosystem in the world. This ecosystem is one of Apple’s most powerful assets, yet a frequent point of contention in the tech community.

However, it is undoubtedly difficult to distance yourself from Apple’s ecosystem, especially in America. Apple has a unique share of this country’s market and has the upper hand in the field of selling various devices. Apple’s instant messaging service known as iMessage is considered one of the examples of this company’s superiority over its competitors.


The iMessage messenger has grown alongside Apple for more than a decade; But its nature remains more or less the same. However, now it seems that the program is on the verge of the biggest redesign in its history. Apple is currently working on a completely redesigned version of iMessage, according to a well-known tech leaker named Majin Bu. This information was first announced in the form of a tweet and then the MacRumors website covered it in an exclusive article.

It is worth noting that Majin Bu’s record in the field of information disclosure is not perfect; Therefore, at the current stage, it is recommended to be skeptical about the accuracy of the information provided by him. In any case, the redesign of this program will include a new home section, chat rooms, video clips and new chat features in augmented reality. The last point is probably the most interesting. Currently, Apple is working on the development of its augmented reality headset; A device that will be released in the next year based on the plans.

Mark Gorman; In his PowerOn newsletter, the reporter of Bloomberg announced that communication and messaging are the main focus points for this new device. So apparently iMessage is going to evolve again; But not necessarily in the way that many users want.

Apple is still working hard to tackle cross-platform messaging. However, it will be interesting to see how one of the most important features of this company will be adapted to the new realities of the technology field.

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