Apple is probably looking to launch the iPhone 14 eSIM model in some selected markets


Due to the support of more number of telecommunication operators around the world for the eSIM standard, we will probably soon see the release of handsets without a physical SIM card port to the market. According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal, Apple’s iPhone 14 series will probably be available in eSIM-only versions in some markets.

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It is unlikely that Apple will abandon the use of a physical SIM card slot in all its devices and instead use an eSIM. In fact, it appears that Apple is looking to gauge consumer sentiment towards eSIM-only phones. According to reports, Apple has already informed several major telecommunications carriers in the United States to prepare for the release of iPhones equipped with eSIM-only connectivity this fall.


Freeing a part of the limited space inside the phone body is the main advantage of removing the physical SIM card port from smartphones. This freed space can be used for other parts. Security is another aspect that will ultimately benefit users; Because carriers can send security updates to millions of users simultaneously.

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