Apple is looking to increase the number of ads on the iOS operating system


Apple earns most of its revenue from the smartphone market. This American company plans to increase the amount of ads that can be displayed on its production devices. Apple has confirmed that it will increase the number of ads on the iOS operating system and encourage developers to buy ad space.

Yesterday, Apple published a message addressed to developers, inviting them to attend an online meeting. The Cupertino giant is looking to encourage developers to buy ads on iOS and will be offering them great deals for Christmas this year. Currently, iOS ads can be seen mainly in 2 places of the App Store, including the search tab and the search results page.


Apple has not specifically announced in which situations these ads will be displayed. Previous rumors mentioned the existence of 2 new types of ads. The first category is displayed on the Today tab located on the main page of the App Store, and the second category is displayed on the You may also like page. In recent years, Apple has earned most of its revenue from services. The total revenue of this sector will be 68 billion dollars in 2021. The income earned from advertising is also a part of this amount.

By 2022, Apple’s revenue from advertising alone is expected to reach $5 billion.

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