Apple is introducing new rules for the sale of NFTs and cryptocurrency exchange programs


Apple has updated its App Store rules section. This update provides users with new rules for using cryptocurrency exchange programs and selling NFTs.

Apple has taken a neutral position around blockchain technologies such as digital currency, non-fungible tokens or NFTs; But the new rules of the said company should clarify the conditions of the developers of such programs for them.


Apple’s rules specifically relate to in-app purchases and payments, and the company states that digital currencies cannot be used as an alternative payment option. The changes made to Apple’s in-app rule 3.11 are described as follows:

Applications may not benefit from content or application locking, such as licensed passwords, augmented reality markers, QR codes, cryptocurrencies and digital wallets, etc.

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This change should not be considered as a surprise for the user, because Apple only allows access to alternative payment systems in some countries. In the continuation of rule 3.11, it is stated that:

Apps have the ability to use the in-app purchase system to sell services related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), such as minting, listing, and transferring. These applications allow users to view their NFTs, provided that the owner of the NFTs does not unlock the functionality of the applications.

Also, the mentioned programs allow users to view NFT collections belonging to others if they do not refer to external links and do not access other calls.

Customers visiting external links and clicking to open invitations lead them to mechanisms other than in-app purchases.

Finally, Apple has amended Rule 3.1.5(iii) to include cryptocurrency exchanges in this category of applications. These companies allow people to buy and sell digital currencies using fiat currency:

Digital currency exchange programs may facilitate transactions or transfers of digital currencies at an official exchange. Of course, Apple has enabled this option only for countries and regions where exchange programs have a reliable license to transfer digital currencies.

Digital currency exchange programs such as Coin Base And Binance are available in the App Store; But now developers will face Apple’s limited regulation and supervision to develop their business.

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