Apple increases the display of ads in the App Store


Apple has released an email to developers informing them of the new App Store changes. The company plans to start showing ads on the Today tab as well as the You Might Also Like section at the bottom of the App Store’s list of apps starting October 25.

These ads will be shown in all countries except China. This move is in line with the plan to increase the advertisement space in the App Store. It was at the beginning of this year that Apple talked about the implementation of this plan. In this way, developers are forced to buy ads on their own app pages so that no one takes over their users.


This change has led to discussions regarding the increase in the tax of developers’ applications. Apple has already updated its ad resources on its website to reflect this new change.

The Today tab is used to show recommended apps from the App Store, and this is the first time that this tab is used for advertising. Apple has said about using this tab for advertising:

Also read this:

“By advertising in the Today tab, your app can be featured prominently on the first page of the App Store. In other words, your application becomes one of the first things that the user sees upon entering the App Store. The prominence of this location makes it an ideal option for informing about the application; Especially informing about new content, special event or seasonal updates.

App Store product pages also get ads. Cupertinos have written in this regard on their website:

Advertising on product pages allows you to market your app to interested users. Ads are displayed above the You Might Also Like list. In this way, users who have scrolled down to see applications similar to their desired application and get more information from them, will see your application. Your ad can be displayed in all relevant app categories or only in the categories you specify.

Before these changes, ads in the App Store were displayed in the search results section and in the Suggested tab. Now ads are shown in four places; So if you are an iPhone, iPad or Mac user, prepare yourself to see more ads.

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