Apple has been using a processor in its smartwatches for the past 3 years


Based on the identified code snippets, it seems that Apple has been using a similar processor for its smartwatch platforms for the past 3 years. It is now clear that the CPU used in the S8 SiP chip is the same as the one used in the S7 and S6 chips; Because this processor still uses the T8301 identifier. For this reason, it still compares its new SiPs with the S5 model.

So the new SiP is still equipped with a 2-core processor. This processor is manufactured using 7nm process technology. Of course, the similarity of the new chip with the 2 models of the previous generation has been proven only in the CPU section, and the S8 platform has probably been used with changes compared to the previous models. Obviously, Apple has talked about the new accelerometer and gyroscope sensors; Sensors thanks to which Apple Watch users now have access to the accident detection feature.


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