Apple fired one of its employees for publishing a video!


An Apple employee was fired for posting a viral video on TikTok. Nyla Boone has been fired from Apple after posting a video titled “A Day in the Life of a Black Girl in Tech” on her personal page, without willingly or unwillingly disclosing the company’s information.

“I just wanted to show other women of color that it is possible for them to get a job like this at such a prestigious company,” Boone told the publication. The video published by this woman on her personal page has had about 400,000 views, and many people have sent comments asking for more guidance to get a job at this level.


“About 80 percent of my followers are black women,” Boone continued. Connecting with these women and encouraging them to strive for more is very important to me. They should know that they can work in this industry and even make such jobs for themselves.”

This woman, who considers herself a not-so-prominent influencer, in her video from her first day at Apple, while showing the routine tasks of a working day, she also showed clips of the building, office and lunch with colleagues. In May, when Boon went to renew his contract, he found out that his contract was not renewed. Apple has publicly announced a ban on taking videos from the office and publishing it for all its employees, and includes this clause in their employment contracts.

After ending the cooperation with Apple, Bon has published several videos about this issue, which have received about 150,000 views.

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