Apple filed a patent for Apple Watch with Touch ID technology


Previously, in 2017, a patent was published on the web that described the mechanism of using Touch ID in the Apple Watch. This patent was never implemented as a real technology. However, it seems that Apple has not forgotten this patent. According to media reports, a patent with a similar theme has recently been seen on the web. This patent mentions Touch ID as “a type of new touch device”.

According to the published images, the fingerprint scanner can be installed on a button on the side of the Apple Watch body. According to this patent, it can be argued that the size of the detection system is much smaller compared to the example used in iPhone and iPad. This button places the fingerprint sensor and other data in the heart of the watch.


It should be remembered that registering a patent does not necessarily mean turning it into a final and real product. The commercial product related to the patent registered in 2017 has not been launched yet. However, biometric authentication can still be added to Apple’s smartwatch.

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