Apple will probably bring Face ID to Macs with more features


Today, in a report quoted by Bloomberg, we informed you that Apple intends to add Face ID to the iMac 2022. This makes sense given the Cupertino-based patent filed in late March 2018. They are looking for a new and more advanced version of Face ID They were for Mac computers.

According to Patently Apple, Apple’s patent shows an updated version of Facebook ID technology that was expected to hit the market by now. But supply chain problems and supply shortages of this technology may last for years 2023 Or 2024 Postponed.

Apple’s new Facebook ID could have more features

The patent states that these systems and techniques can be used to receive facial expressions and emotions, make video calls, create emojis, encrypt information, unlock devices, enhance passwords, differentiate between users, and the like.


The image below is at the top of this technology iMac And at the bottom Macbook it shows. The new version of Face ID uses an optical pattern detection module that includes a light source and an optical sensor. It also has a controller that can compare predefined optical patterns with its optical patterns.

Apple Patent Image

According to Bloomberg, Face ID will not be used on MacBook any time soon, but we can expect the technology to be implemented on an iMac or a External monitor Let’s look at the next generation Pro XDR display. Of course, it is not yet clear exactly what features will be included with this module, but we can be sure that face recognition will be one of these features.

Earlier it was reported that Apple is working on a new external monitor that will use the A13 chip. We also expect to see a new 27-inch IOMC later this year.


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