Apple changed its policy regarding the warranty of iPhone phones


AppleCare + warranty allows Apple users to extend the after-sales service of their devices and benefit from warranty services for a certain period. Previously, AppleCare + allowed iPhone users to benefit from repair services twice a year in case of accidental damage to their handset.

However, Apple has recently sent an email to users informing them that it has revised its policies regarding the AppleCare+ service. Following these changes, AppleCare+ will provide unlimited repair services for accidental damage and will not charge users any additional fees.


Apple has already changed the official page of AppleCare+ and has increased the number of accidental damage repair services to an unlimited amount. Although Apple has removed the limit on the number of repairs; But users still have to pay for device repair services. Now, as in the past, repairing damage to the screen with the back panel of the phone will cost $25. Repairs of other accidental damage will be subject to an $85 service charge. These prices have been announced for the Chinese market; But the new rules will apply in all regions.

Now, in the Chinese social network Weibo, there are many rumors and discussions about the implementation of major changes in the iPhone 15 family of Apple during the next year. Based on this, all 4 future iPhone models will use a different naming pattern during 2023.

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