App Store vs. Google Play; Which of the shared apps earns the most?


A new research report shows that iPhone and iPad users are generally more inclined than Android users to Shared applications and services To use. App Store Subscriptions Compared with Google Play has more than doubled the revenue for Apple compared to Google.

In its report, market analyst Sensor Tower shows the revenue generated by the App Store and Google Play from subscriptions during 2021. In terms of numbers, the App Store subscriptions globally $ 13.5 billion Make money for the Cupertino giant and that amount for Google Play and the search engine giant $ 4.8 billion have been. Of course, it should be noted that the costs incurred in Google Play are growing much faster.

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Apple App Store In general, compared to Google and its competitors, Apple has the highest cost through apps, subscriptions and in-app purchases. According to the data provided, Apple revenue from Top 100 Shared Apps Yourself with 31% increase Compared to last year, it increased from $ 10.3 billion to $ 13.5 billion, and in contrast, Google Play with 78% growth It has increased its revenue from $ 2.7 billion to $ 4.8 billion.

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Despite this growth, Google Play worldwide revenue is still less than half of Apple’s App Store, and this is for United States This is also true because the App Store is only in this country $ 6 billion And Google Play $ 2.5 billion Has earned.

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In terms of applications, Alphabet (Google owner company) with Youtube In the App Store and Google One Google Play tops the list of 2021 shared apps worldwide. According to the report, YouTube generated $ 1.2 billion worldwide last year and Google One $ 1.1 billion worldwide.


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