Another new feature in WhatsApp for group chats


After the release of several new features and functions for WhatsApp in the new year, now we see the improvement of another part of this application. Soon, users’ profile pictures will also be displayed in group chats, so that from now on people can better understand who they are talking to in the group.

This feature was previously available in other messengers, including Telegram and iMessage, but WhatsApp never showed people’s profile pictures in group chats. Now that the number of members of groups of this messenger can increase to hundreds of people, the addition of this feature can greatly save the members of the groups from getting lost.


According to various reports, WhatsApp has this feature ready, but is currently only testing it on iOS devices and the desktop version. However, Android users will definitely be able to try this feature in the near future, and the feature will be available for Android devices as well.

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As shown in the image below, the profile picture of everyone in the group is displayed and it is easy to identify the person. If the user does not have a profile picture or has restricted its display in his security settings, his default icon will be displayed with a shade of the same color as the contact’s name.

New feature of WhatsApp

Many may think that this feature is not so big, but this small change can improve the user experience in this application to a good extent. WhatsApp has not announced a date for the release of this feature. It is now possible to use the ability to hide online status even when one is online by getting the latest update of this application.

The ability to react to messages, return deleted messages, and a few other features have been among the changes this year in WhatsApp that have been released to users.

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