Another internet outage in the country + telecommunications announced the reason for the outage


Widespread disruptions occurred again in the country’s Internet network.

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Today, around 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM, extensive disruptions occurred in the country’s Internet network, and the services of several Internet providers were interrupted or severely disrupted. This took over an hour and still some glitches are being reported by a number of users.


The users announced that despite showing the antenna on their mobile phones, they could not access the Internet and even some users had lost the ability to make calls.

NetBlocks also reported on its Twitter account that 21% of Iran’s internet has been disrupted.

This disruption has been largely resolved for a few minutes and the telecommunication company wrote in a statement that the cause of this outage was a fire in one of the communication basins of the 8th district of Tehran. Telecommunication emphasized that due to this incident, fixed and mobile telecommunication connections were interrupted in some areas of Tehran and telecommunication experts are fixing these disturbances.

This is while on the 3rd of August due to wear and tear of power transmission lines and equipment, there was a disruption in the internet network in some areas of Tehran, and Infrastructure Communications Company announced that it would solve this problem and provide service by using alternative routes in the power transmission lines. The network is back to normal.

The continuous outage of the internet this month has caused the protest of users to spread, while many businesses and startups will have problems with these internet outages.

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