Android will control in-app ads with Privacy Sandbox


Google has taken another step towards increasing user privacy. The company today announced the Privacy Sandbox from the Chrome browser Android operating system Brings to control in-app ads. Of course, unlike Apple, Google has promised to work with advertising services to find the best approach to do the least harm to businesses.

According to Mountain View residents, Privacy Sandbox In Android, it tries to keep the advertising industry healthy by introducing safer alternatives, tools and approaches better than what is currently available. Google’s approach, which of course is one of the major players in the field of advertising, differs from Apple’s approach in introducing App Tracking Transparency. Google says aggressive approaches are useless without offering an alternative route and have unpleasant consequences for users ‘privacy and developers’ business.

How does Privacy Sandbox work on Android?

This new system focuses on new APIs Privacy Used to restrict the sharing of user data with third-party services. This system does not use cross-party identifiers such as AdID. Here, too, like the Chrome browser with subjects Or we are dealing with topics based on which apps display their ads.


Android to prevent the user from secretly tracking one SDK Runtime Uses to isolate ad SDKs and their processes. There will also be more restrictions in the future to make fewer signals available to identify devices.

Google to get feedback from your system with big companies like Activision Blizzard، DoorDash، Snap And Rovio Will cooperate. The company promises that everyone will be treated equally in this system and that there will be no positive discrimination for Google’s own ads.

The Privacy Sandbox system will be a multi-year project whose limited testing phase will be carried out with the help of developers in 2022. The beta version of this system will be released at the end of this year and later in the year 2023 We will see its extensive experiments.


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