Android 11: Everything We Know About This OS Till Now

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Just a month ago, Google released the first Android 11 preview for developers to take a brief look at the features, new logo and changes to the operating system. But the second version of the preview of Android 11 was released just days ago, which removes the bugs of the previous version.

In this article of MAZHD, we’ll review everything we know so far about Android 11 and its new features; depending on the preview release. Stay with us til the end.

Chat bubbles

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With the introduction of the Bubbles API, Android 11 has now made chatting on the operating system easier and more accessible than ever. Thanks to the API designed to notify all messengers, you can now view and receive messages in a small floating bubble in the corner of the page on android 11.

Hinting at this floating bubble, the chat window opens so you can text it to the other side. If this is not the case, you do not need to completely open your messenger app popup every time you send a new message, and this is a very welcome feature for people who have a great deal of correspondence.

Notification conversations

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But now when it comes to messaging, it’s not bad to know that Android 11 has a special conversation section in the notifications bar. In this new section you can access all your on-going conversations on all active messaging on your phone. Just like bubbles, the idea behind the feature is that in any situation and whatever you do, you can reach out to your contacts and not interrupt.

While the bubble-like feature might make it an extra feature in the eyes of users, it would be a welcome addition to anything that would make operating system chat easier.

Send images from notifications

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But in the wake of messaging changes, Android 11 also lets you send photos directly from the notifications bar. If an app supports copy / paste commands for images, you can take photos the same way and attach them to your message (written in the notification bar) without having to open the app completely.

This feature supports copying photos in Chrome browser environment and the ability to clipboard to the keyboard.

One-time permissions

One of the most positive changes to Android 10 has been optimizing the way apps are accessed, now that Android 11 has reached its peak maturity. On Android 11 you can grant access to applications in a different way than before.

Sensitive access such as geolocation, microphone and camera can be temporarily granted to applications. In this case, once you open and close the application, it is enough to get back to the original state and need your confirmation for a next visit.

Mute vibrations for camera app

100 percent of you happened to be filming or photographing an important moment and all of a sudden notifications disarranged your focus . The sound of this vibration can even be heard in your output video, which is no fun at all.

Android 11 has a special API to fix this problem that can disable vibration for notifications, alarms and ringtones when working with the camera. Then it is easy to imagine that nothing can disrupt your focus when recording sensitive moments.

Digital driver’s licenses

This feature may not matter to some users, but it cannot be denied that it is very attractive and futuristic. Android 11 can appear as your secure virtual wallet and protect your digital driving license (ISO 18013-5) along with other digital documents.

Although digital driving licenses are still not common in advanced countries such as the United States; it is easy to imagine that your Android 11 handset would support it if it became popular.

New biometric levels

BiometricPrompt is the name of the API that Android uses to enable fingerprint sensors and the Pixel 4 face unlock system. Because of this API, you can authenticate through biometric indexes in bank applications and password managers without having to type passwords manually.

Android 11 has upgraded this API to a new level and has three different levels of authentication: strong, weak, and device-level validation. This means that in Android 11 you will have more biometric authentication settings.

Getting ready for 5G

This year is the year of the 5G Internet boom, and that’s why Android 11 has decided to take more measures to support this communication generation. Android 11 is designed to better support a new API called Dynamic Meterdness that checks your access to the unlimited 5G network.

If you have access, you can rest assured that your phone will use the full potential of 5G bandwidth to play videos at the highest possible resolution with the help of android 11. Bandwidth Estimator is also another API that helps you check your 5G connection bandwidth.

Waterfall/pinhole display support

Over the years, the display design of the handsets has undergone many changes and there are many different models in the market, which may be the least popular of all. This generous and varied fortune in design has led Android 9, in particular, to optimize the operating system interface to support these pages.

Now on Android 11, support for cavity and cascade displays has been added to OS-based displays so users with these handsets can enjoy the full-screen experience of working with Android 11.

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