An MP’s explicit criticism of the Ministry of Communications; The internet is bad


Ehsan Arkani, a representative of the people of Neyshabur, Firouzeh and Zabarkhan and a member of the Program, Budget and Calculations Commission of the Islamic Council, openly criticized the internet situation in the country and said: The internet situation is not good, the speeds have decreased and some villages do not have internet at all.

In recent days, a resolution titled “Description of Duties, Powers and Composition of Members of the High Commission for Regulation of Cyber ​​Space” was approved by the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space. In one of the clauses of this resolution, which has been notified for implementation, it is mentioned that the internal and external traffic management requirements of the country’s virtual space are provided by the Supreme Commission for the Regulation of Cyberspace.


In fact, this clause gives this commission the legal powers and application of traffic and bandwidth policy of different platforms and opens the hands of members to limit access to social networks and platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp. This paragraph smells like a protection plan more than other sections of the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space and the internet problems in recent days may be due to the approval of this paragraph.

Arkani stressed about the country’s Internet situation: the Minister of Communications should announce that the cause of this issue is related to the decisions of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace or it originates from network problems, and if this is the case, it should be resolved.

In his speech, this member of parliament emphasized that he does not have detailed information about the Supreme Council’s approval of cyber space and its clauses.

The protection plan has not been approved

A member of the Parliament’s Program, Budget and Calculations Commission stated regarding the so-called protection plan: the protection plan was not only not implemented but also not approved. Currently, this plan has been referred to the research center for further study and review. In fact, the plan is under review.

Arkani continued: “The Minister of Communications denies the reduction of internet speed, now we have to wait for the representatives to make a collective decision on this matter after their return if it is a new issue.”

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