An intermediary site was unveiled as “Children’s Internet”!! + Teaching how to access and use


Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, unveiled the children’s internet today.

The fourth meeting of the strategic working group and the formulation of the operational model and general regulations for the protection of children and adolescents in cyberspace, in line with the implementation of paragraph a of Article 1-4 of the document on the protection of children and adolescents in cyberspace, which was approved in the meeting of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace of the country, today It was hosted by the Minister of Communication and Information Technology.


In this meeting, things such as the introduction of the children’s internet plan and the presentation of the content and services age classification system, as well as the television report by the Broadcasting Organization, were discussed in this meeting.

At the beginning of this week, Isa Zarepour had announced the launch of the Internet for children, and now this service has come true. Of course, the conditions of use and type of internet service for children are very different from what happened in the minds of experts in this field.

How does children’s internet work?

In fact, there is no internet for children, but an interface site to the Magnifier search engine designed for children to use this site. On this site, parents can manage their children’s access to various internet sites in several ways.

What is happening at site 456?

nothing! This site is only an interface between users and the Iranian search engine Zahrebeen. If you do any search on the 456 site, you will be redirected to the magnifying glass site and you will see the search results of that search engine. In fact, there is no difference between using the 456 site and the magnifying glass search engine.

The child can easily access the unprotected content again by closing this site and going to Google. Of course, there is also a Wikipedia section on the 456 site, with which you will have access to the results of the Persian Wikipedia, which is different from the original Wikipedia. In the Persian Wikipedia, part of the immoral, violent and political content is removed and the protected content is shown to children.

In fact, the 456 site is just a gateway between children and their content, and nothing special happens in this regard. The interesting thing is why it took so long to set up such a simple site? Such an intermediate site can be designed and launched in a few hours.

Also, in a part of the site, the ranking or list of internet sites is mentioned, and when you enter this section, you will see four site titles with green, white, yellow, and orange colors, each of which contains a list of sites that are suitable for children and teenagers to access. Of course, the existence of many bugs in this list and the sites that exist in several categories are worthy of consideration.

How to use the site 456

Enter the 456 site from this link, search for the desired phrase in the middle box of the page, and if you are looking to search for this phrase on the web, select the magnifying glass option and press enter or the search button on your phone’s keyboard.

If you are looking for more information about a particular phrase, you can search for that phrase in Persian Wikipedia by selecting Wikipedia. Also, if you are looking for a picture or video of a specific content, you can choose the photo and video option.

Parents can manage the content used by their children by dialing the command code *456#.

Children's Internet

It goes without saying that the document on the protection of children and adolescents in the cyberspace was on the agenda of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace since 2018, so that children’s internet becomes independent from the general internet of society and the production of extensive content for children and adolescents in the internet space. to be done and provide facilities to parents and families to help their children, finally this document was approved by the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space on June 17 of last year.

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