American road deaths set a new record; More than 31,000 people died in 9 months


National Organization for Highway Traffic Safety America Called NHTSA for short, the statistics for Road deaths It published in the first nine months of 2021. You might think that in this developed country, the number of road casualties is small, but From January to the end of November, 31,720 people died on US streets, according to the NHTSA.. It is noteworthy that this figure has increased by 12% compared to the same period in 2020. Of course, we should also mention that the distance traveled has increased by 11.7% in the same period.

American road deaths

With such statistics, it should be said that the United States in 2021 in terms of road casualties It has had its deadliest nine months since 2006. The 12 percent increase in casualties over the same period is the largest increase in NHTSA history.

Pete Buttigieg, Senior Transport Secretary, addresses the issue National crisis Reading and saying that the death of citizens should not be considered an integral part of daily life. He added that new strategies, resources and programs have been developed to increase safety and reduce road deaths.

American road deaths

One of these strategies, National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS for short). As can be guessed, this strategy combats casualties and injuries from accidents. Better maintenance and construction of safer roads, enforcing the law on the use of automatic emergency braking and emergency braking if pedestrians are detected, as well as allocating funds to increase road safety are among the clauses of this strategy.

American road deaths

It is worth noting that if we take a closer look at the NHTSA report, we will see that traffic deaths have increased in 38 states and decreased in only 10 states. In both states, the index remains almost constant and no significant change is seen.


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