AMD and Nvidia are significantly reducing the price of their current graphics cards


The fact is that today, in many markets, graphics cards can be purchased on average at a price lower than the figure suggested by the manufacturers; But despite this, graphics cards will probably be available in the near future even at cheaper prices.

According to some news sources, by the end of this month (about 2 weeks from now), the price of the current generation graphics cards of Nvidia and AMD companies will be reduced even more, and this issue actually comes from the initiative of the manufacturing companies. According to a news source, AMD and Nvidia will take more significant and effective measures to reduce the price of their graphics cards. It also seems that the price of Nvidia’s graphics cards will experience a more significant reduction.


Experts predict that the price reduction of graphics cards will continue to be significant in the future despite the low pricing of these products. Considering that Radeon RX 7000 and GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards will be released in the near future; Therefore, the desire of the manufacturing companies to sell the inventory of the current generation graphics cards seems quite logical.

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