All YouTube users will soon have a unique ID for their account


All YouTube accounts will soon benefit from a unique handle for use in channels and the YouTube Shorts service. This issue is considered an action on behalf of YouTube and affects large producers and ordinary viewers on this platform. Thus, all YouTube users will soon have a new way to introduce themselves. YouTube recently announced that it will be using @name tags across its platform. Such a contract can be seen in other parts of the Internet as well; But this time YouTube has taken advantage of this idea.

Based on this, each YouTube user has a unique index, and this index will be applied throughout the platform, from channel pages to the Shorts service (one of YouTube’s features designed to compete with TikTok). Users use an index to mention others in comments, video descriptions, titles, and more. According to YouTube, the use of this index makes it easier for producers to reach the audience and improves visual clarity.


YouTube notes on its blog: “We want to make sure that producers are able to create a unique and equal identity with their content. At the same time, we assure viewers that they can easily interact with their favorite creators. Content creators will still have a name for their account; But the indicators are unique and reduce the possibility of impersonation in user accounts.

From this week and gradually, YouTube will begin to notify users when it is time to choose an indicator. This means that some users will be able to choose a unique indicator for their account before others.

If the user has previously created a personalized URL for his channel; In this case, this address will be considered as the default index. However, users can change the default index when their turn comes.

YouTube has announced that the notification of each user’s turn is issued based on factors such as his overall presence on the platform, the number of subscribers and the amount of channel activity. Issuing an index can be a pressure tool for producers to pay more attention to their user accounts or to join producers who are not yet members on YouTube. Users typically need 100 or more subscribers to create a custom URL. According to reports, the process of selecting, changing and deleting URLs has now stopped.

The addition of the index makes YouTube double sync with Tik Tok. In this regard, YouTube has announced the double growth of its investment in the YouTube Shorts service. Last month, YouTube announced that it would enable monetization with the Shorts service, which would allow producers to keep 45 percent of the ad revenue.

YouTube has also added updates such as watermarks (previously offered in other services) to Shorts. In addition, over the past few months, tools have been provided to use longer videos in short clips; Features that were previously available in Tik Tok.

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