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If there are two words that we as humans absolutely hate, it is the virus and the disease (thanks to the last two years we have lived with Covid). Why do I say this? Because Netflix’s latest Korean series has touched on such a theme. In another adaptation of the Korean “Webtons,” Netflix combines the inherent appeal of the zombie genre with high school and puberty character-driven dramas in a 12-part series; Will this work meet the expectations of the audience? Join Vijiato to find the answer by reviewing the All of Us Are Dead series.

After the release of the horror series Hellbound and of course the hugely popular “Squid Game”, now a new Korean series called “We Are All Dead” is here, dealing with zombies and its aftermath. If “Going to Hell” was about the shadows of blind faith, sectarianism, and violence, and portrayed a mixed game with violent capitalism, Netflix’s new series will deal with the apocalypse of the walking dead in a high school. The important point here is that the apocalypse shown in the series is man-made. Undoubtedly, this work is a horror series with an approach to the corona virus epidemic, which is narrated in the context of the zombie apocalypse.

All of Us Are Dead Critique

To get more acquainted with the atmosphere of the series, imagine this explanation for a moment: if the series “Strange Things” was made with the creativity of young Korean directors and the entire cast and crew were stationed in Korea, and of course a person with the vision of “M. Night Shyamalan »was its director چه What was happening! ?! The series “We Are All Dead” briefly contains such a structure.


In an effort to strengthen the will of the boy who was the victim of bullying, a genius scientist tries to save the victim by manipulating the genes. But what he considers to be a magic potion is very catastrophic. The virus turns humans into zombies who lose all their senses and humanity after being bitten. It does not end there, while the virus is still evolving, we see its variants. I think it would have been more enjoyable if we had not seen these last two years. Of course, Covid was not a zombie apocalypse, but if we think about it, it was no less.

In a busy school, there is a normal day in high school until an ordinary student becomes infected with a horrible virus and turns into a zombie. The school quickly becomes chaotic and everyone tries to escape; But moments later, all the students and the management and education team at their own school were trapped by huge numbers of zombies. In order to survive, these people must come together and defend themselves with whatever they have!

All of Us Are Dead Critique

In general, the basic storyline of this series is not much different from the classic formula with the theme of zombie-based works. In a Korean high school, a student’s life seems to be going through nothing new. Lessons are pursued, friendships are established, secret loves are seen among students, and some try to bully their “survival” in school. However, something is about to happen that will fundamentally change the lives of all students and the city as a whole. In the high school science lab, Professor Lee, as a science teacher, unknowingly tests an innovative serum that does not seem to work.

Meanwhile, a student trying to clean the lab is bitten by a rat trapped in a cage and soon becomes ill. In a criminal-type interaction, an ambulance arrives quickly, but in the meantime the sick student angrily bites the other student and the school nurse. Within minutes, the tireless virus spreads with a very rapid infection, turning students and professors inside the building into predatory, angry, violent, and dangerous zombies. This is where a group of students, with different personalities, must unite and fight for survival behind walls.

With a social and critical look at the story of the series, it should be said: I liked the approach that Netflix took with All of Us Are Dead; but why? Because they use the charm of a few young but strong actors to address difficult issues such as bullying, pornography extortion, and other issues that students are struggling with at this time, and then move on to the zombie virus. So the important point of “We Are All Dead” is that it is not only a work about zombies, but it also makes good use of the social aspect, which is the social aspect of a miniature community in a school.

All of Us Are Dead Critique

If I want to summarize “We Are All Dead”, I have to say that the whole series is about the oppression of everyday life that bothers people in difficult situations or at home. You see, the characters are going through a lot of horrible things that they can not control, but what really matters is preserving their humanity. In this series, you will see examples of people’s reactions in different ways, good and awful, but this shows that the people who can work together and work together are often the ones who survive.

Sometimes, life gives you a really bad hand, but it is up to the individual to decide whether to surrender to evil or find a way to survive. With such a theme, the series also points out that sometimes, there is nothing you can do, but you can still choose the right thing that might save someone or give hope to another. We are all connected by whatever choices we make, and we are all important in the context of life stories; This abstract is the basis of the story of this series.

Another thing I liked about the All of Us Are Dead story was how the series progressed. In fact, it felt like the survivors were in a video game, doing each challenge as if they were steps that had to be taken carefully. When they survive a challenge, they move on to the next and next challenge. Of course, the disadvantage of this is that they always fall into the trap of stereotypes in any way.

All of Us Are Dead Critique

To be fair to the story of the series, it must be said that it is a little difficult for the audience to go through the first two episodes. However, when we encounter zombies attacking anything that smells like meat, everything falls into place. So the story from the fifth part is interesting to me, because a group of students risk their lives to survive, experiment, use logic, and sometimes instinctively plan and execute ways to deceive zombies and find escape. . In these moments, the main question of the audience is whether they will survive or, better yet, how many people will actually survive?

Of course, do not be fooled by the slow rhythms of the first and second parts, which seem to be based on many clichés. The first episode is necessary to create a calm atmosphere and present the group of main characters correctly, define them clearly and highlight their personality traits. This underlying tension remains, because the viewer is immediately (also due to the lack of innovation in narrative dynamics) aware of what will happen. As a result, it is a long suspension that is waiting to explode at any moment. And when horror sequences begin, the series proves that it has enough fuel.

But one of the problems with the series is its irrational length; Based on the structure and size of the story, the work is not such that it needs 12 parts of description of events. The story of the series seems to stretch as much as three or four episodes for no reason, and this is clearly shown in the final act. So the story could easily be completed in 8 parts. Of course, this weakness does not diminish the technical quality of labor production. For example, the mental performances of the young acting team make each scene believable because we see the anxiety, confusion, and helplessness right when we experience the loss and fear of the characters in the series.

All of Us Are Dead Critique

Apart from that, Lee Jae-kyoo’s directing certainly gives the whole series a unique tone, as he brings together the emotions of the natural instinct of survival, humanity and love in the best possible way. For example, some scenes are well taken with students finding unique ways to defeat zombies, which goes directly back to the director. In addition, the importance that directors and producers have given to the choreography of battle scenes is commendable, and undoubtedly highlights the viewing experience as an audience.

On the other hand, the coloring of the individual sequences of the series is the visible strength of All Of Us Are Dead. This work has high contrast and bold colors. When it comes to episodes that need to convey emotion, the series “We Are All Dead” is very green and we see an increase in blur in the background, and on the other hand, when there is a need to create emotional tension, everything is very yellow. . Of course, in the meantime, the music of Nir series is not very prominent. Horror scenes, for example, contain mostly annoying and fast-paced background music to add to the stress of work. Basically, the music in this series is not bad, but if it had one or two memorable pieces, the effect would have been much more impressive.

All of Us Are Dead Critique

In general, the series All Of Us Are Dead is a very stressful effect and this tension does not stop during the 12 hours of the entire series. For example, when it comes to zombies in this series, they are the scariest thing we have seen in a long time. These zombies have bloodshot eyes instead of the usual rotten and decaying corpses and can divert themselves to impossible situations. They also run towards their target in scary scenes such as cheetahs. For this reason, the experience of watching this work will not be easy, so it is better to be well prepared for any bitter and disappointing event before watching it.

In the end it should be said: The All Of Us Are Dead series is nothing new due to the familiarity of the survival and zombie genres, so the details of the series are largely predictable, leading to the fact that the viewer is better off setting aside his brain tool and only madness. Watch the series. With that said, I end my review with a positive feeling about the new Korean series Netflix. The series “We Are All Dead” with a more successful first half, where the camera skill and very high speed entertains and delights every zombie enthusiast, finally ends with an intimate ending that can continue in the future. Therefore, it must be said that the creators of this series have clearly studied the various generalities in the zombie genre and have paid their best respects to them.


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