alarm for Apple; Will iPhone sales be banned in the UK?


A London court has rejected Apple’s appeal of a patent dispute with Optis Cellular, according to Reuters. Now Apple is obliged to pay an amount as royalties to Optis Cellular from the place of sale of its iPhones.

The legal dispute between Apple and Optis Cellular started in February 2019. At the time, Optis Cellular accused the other party of infringing on patents related to 3G and 4G connectivity technologies for smartphones. Since then, several long meetings have been held to deal with this case. On the other hand, this case has also been investigated in the United States.


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Apple noted in its appeal that Optis Cellular was exploiting its superior position in the market; Because it owns the patent for basic cellular technologies. However, on October 27, Judge Richard Arnold rejected Apple’s arguments and upheld the lower court’s decision.

If Apple refuses to pay royalties to Optis Cellular for the sale of its iPhones; In this case, the said company will probably prevent the sale of Apple iPhones in the UK. Previously, during one of the legal disputes between Apple and Optis Cellular, the giant of the IT world was finally sentenced to pay copyright equal to 300 million dollars.

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