Airbus aims to produce 75 aircraft per month by 2025


The European company Airbus, despite the problems created in the field of supplying essential parts, does not ignore the goal of increasing its production to 75 airplanes per month by 2025. One of the representatives of Airbus mentioned this while talking to the MarketWatch website. A statement issued by Airbus denies earlier media reports that pressure on suppliers has eased; Because there are doubts about the possibility of this company achieving its goals.

The spokesperson of Airbus announced that the company’s target for the production of the A320 family remains unchanged and this target will be realized depending on the availability of suppliers in the supply chain. At the same time, Airbus acknowledges its current problems with suppliers, and for this reason, the said plan was revised about 2 months ago.


The major aircraft manufacturing company announced in July that the monthly production of aircraft in this company will probably reach 65 aircraft by early 2024. This schedule has been delayed by 6 months compared to the previously announced schedule. Currently, Airbus produces an average of 50 airplanes every month.

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