According to Shaperak, internet transactions have decreased in September


According to Shoprak’s report for the month of September, the average number of transactions of internet accepting devices and the financial cost of the transaction have decreased in this month.

According to Shaperk report, in September 1401, the average of each transaction in each reception tool connected to Shaperk was 420, which decreased by 3.53 points compared to the previous month, and this figure was the largest decrease in the average number of transactions related to Internet reception tools.


Also, in the month of September, the number of internet transactions decreased by 6.6%.

In Shaperk’s report, it is mentioned that the average cost of each Internet admission tool has decreased by 17.9 million Rials compared to last month and reached 986.9 million Rials.

According to reports, transactions in September 1401 compared to September 1400 were 12.9% in terms of number and 11.3% in terms of Rials.

Also, in this month, the number of internet acceptance tools increased by 12.1% and store card readers by 4.8%, and mobile acceptance tools decreased by 0.04%.

In this month, the share of store card reader tool has a share of 92.44%, internet acceptance tool has a share of 4.85% and mobile has 2.71% of the number of transactions.

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