Accepting Bitcoin and Tether in McDonald’s restaurant chain


McDonald’s, which is one of the largest chain restaurants in the world with more than 37,800 branches in different parts of the world, recently announced that it has recognized Bitcoin and Tether as payment methods in the city of Lugano with a population of 63,000 in Switzerland. The city of Lugano, with a population of 63,000, is set to become a center for accepting cryptocurrencies in the Western part of Europe.

On October 3rd, the Bitcoin Magazine website posted a one-minute video on its Twitter account in which a person uses Bitcoin as a payment method to order food. Also, the Tether logo can be seen next to Bitcoin on the device. In the past, the city of Lugano has announced that it has accepted 3 cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Tether and LVGA, which is the official token of the city, as legal currencies.


On March 3rd, the city of Lugano signed a memorandum of understanding with Tether called Plan B, according to which Tether should set up two investment funds with two different goals. The first fund, which is an investment fund of 106 million dollars, is supposed to be provided to startups that operate in the field of digital currency.

The second fund, a $3 million fund, is intended to be used to encourage the adoption of digital currencies for purchasing and conducting various businesses with them.

Another goal is that the citizens of Lugano can pay their taxes through cryptocurrencies. This project is supposed to be used in other areas such as paying parking tickets, public services and education fees. In addition, it is expected that in the future more than 200 different stores will use digital currencies to pay for their products and services.

Payment with Bitcoin and Tether

The Chief Technology Officer of Tether and BitFinx recently stated in an interview with the Cointelegraph news website that the Plan B project is running well. The person also announced a two-week training program in the city of Lugano to teach the city’s citizens about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Also, branches of the McDonald’s restaurant chain located in El Salvador have been using this great cryptocurrency as a payment method since Bitcoin was accepted in this country.

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