A step forward for smart homes; Samsung and Google support each other’s ecosystem + video


The variety of smart home devices is increasing; But compatibility problems between different brands become troublesome for users. The Communications Standards Association has recently unveiled a new protocol called Matter. The purpose of providing this protocol is to make it easier to control a smart home that includes a combination of devices produced by different companies.

Today, a big step forward in the direction of realizing this goal was unveiled; Because Samsung and Google have agreed to create a communication bridge between SmartThings and Google Home devices.


This communication bridge is based on the multi-manager feature on the Matter protocol. Thus, different applications can connect to one or more devices and control them. This means that a device set up in Google Home; It also appears in the SmartThings app (and vice versa). So you don’t need to remember which app controls the lights and which one controls the smart speakers.

Therefore, users can freely buy the smart device they want; Rather than looking for a device that uses the same app and ecosystem as other smart home devices (juggling multiple different apps isn’t ideal). as long as the device supports the Matter protocol; Users will be able to control or automate it using their desired application (Samsung SmartThings or Google Home).

Google and Samsung are not the only companies supporting the Matter protocol. The list of brands supporting this protocol can be seen below. The names of companies such as Amazon, IKEA, LG, Media and Tuya can be seen in this list. In addition, several smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei, Oppo and Apple are also included in the mentioned list.

Jaeyeon Jung; The senior vice president of Samsung and the head of SmartThings said: “Both SmartThings and Google respect users’ right to choose and provide consumers with the ability to control various devices. This collaboration reinforces the commitment to respect customer rights by enhancing the user experience and increasing transparency between ecosystems.”

Support for Matter’s multi-admin feature will be provided by Samsung and Google in the next few weeks.

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