A new security method that replaces passwords was introduced by Google


For a long time, PassWord was responsible for keeping computers safe; But it must be said that PassWord was never recognized as a suitable way to keep computers safe. Currently, its security has been greatly reduced by the widespread disclosure of passwords.

Due to the fact that information security is of particular importance to users, we will soon see the wide offering of the PassKey feature, which is much more secure than the old methods. Users can use this feature on Android devices and any device that can run Chrome.


First of all, it is necessary to note that the PassKey feature, unlike PassWord, is created automatically and cannot be reused.

Of course, this method will not be so new for users who had experience using automatic password completion. The creation of PassKey is that the user confirms that he intends to create a new password for a specific site or account, then uses the method of his choice to unlock his phone.

After doing the above, the passkey will be compatible on all user devices that use Google password manager. As a result, even when you don’t have access to your smartphone, you can still access all your accounts. Needless to say, the PassKey feature is very similar to a saved password. You just need to select the account you want, then verify your identity using a fingerprint scanner or any other method.

The most interesting feature that Passkey offers is the ability to connect to other nearby devices. Thanks to this feature, if your computer doesn’t support fingerprint scanner, use your smartphone’s fingerprint scanner for computer.

It should be noted that the PassKey feature does not belong to Google alone and several platforms use it. Previously, Safari on macOS provided a passkey to its users; So if you visit a site that uses a passkey, a QR code will be displayed that you can scan to log in.

Currently, the PassKey feature is available in the Chrome Canary service and the Google Play beta channel. Once this feature is widely available, users will be able to use it on any platform. Finally, it should be said that the next goal of the Google team in 2022, which is in charge of developing the password, is to release it for Android applications.

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