A new concept design of Apple’s foldable iPhone has been published on the web


Apple company unveiled new and exciting products during the September event this year. However, the introduced gadgets were not so surprising. Today, before the official introduction of smartphones, we see the disclosure of many of their key features, and this time, apart from the new Dynamic Island feature, other features of the iPhone 14 family were leaked before their official introduction.

Despite the many leaks, Apple fans are still waiting for a new surprise from the Cupertino giant every time Tim Cook appears on stage. Rumors about Apple’s foldable iPhone have been circulating for a long time; But unfortunately, the American brand did not unveil this gadget during its September event. But a designer of conceptual images has recently worked and designed a very believable image of a folding iPhone.


Michal Dufka; The artist and designer of conceptual renderings shared his vision of the foldable iPhone on the Behance website one day before Apple’s September event. He named this gadget iPhone iFold, and based on that, it seems that the said handset will have a clamshell design similar to the Galaxy Z Flip and Moto Razr series.

The foldable iPhone depicted by Mr. Dufka, like other clamshell-shaped foldable phones, is equipped with a small external display and a larger internal display. Basically, it seems that this artist has used a screen completely similar to the one used by the Apple Watch on the back panel of his concept iPhone and next to the rear cameras.

An image of the iPhone iFold concept

The way this display works seems strange enough. However, Apple has already proven its ability to display a set of relevant information on a panel of this compact size. So now the question is raised that if a plan is successfully implemented and it is well received, what will be the need to change the pattern?

The foldable iPhone has almost the same front view as the iPhone 14 when opened. Mr. Dufka has taken a bit of courage in his design and removed the notch from the screen. Therefore, there is no news of the initial design of the notch or oval hole, and instead, a single spherical hole has been used to place the selfie camera. Until the release of Apple’s foldable iPhone, we will probably see the removal of the Dynamic Island and replacing it with a spherical hole.

Will Apple finally produce a foldable iPhone?

In general, the concept design above is considered one of the most realistic examples presented for Apple’s foldable iPhone to date. Based on previously registered patents, we now know that Apple has been testing technologies related to the foldable iPhone for years. Now we have to wait and see if these patents will eventually become a real commercial product or not. At the same time, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have received a very favorable reception from customers.

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