A look at the local health services market and its role in the evolution of the health industry


“If you see symptoms of the disease, please avoid going to health centers and hospitals.” This advice was considered a strange and even dangerous sentence until a few years ago, but during the Corona epidemic, it was regularly heard from the media.

During an epidemic of a virus, health centers such as hospitals and laboratories become a place for the transmission and spread of the disease faster; For this reason, during the Corona era, people were advised to avoid going to the hospital before the appearance of dangerous symptoms and to use on-site testing facilities to perform diagnostic tests.


The use of local health services has a long history and is very common in the elderly age group; But in the post-pandemic era, these services developed and were widely used by other age groups.

According to the market research institute report linker, the market value of on-site medical care services reached more than 277 billion dollars in 2021. This figure is expected to increase to about 428 billion dollars by 2026 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8%.

Humka, on-site health services

The Corona epidemic in Iran also led to a similar effect at the global level and created a very demanding market for medical services locally. Recognizing this potential, Lian Capital decided to invest in this startup considering the variety of services as well as Humka’s ability and expertise.

Humka is a startup provider of on-site health services that offers various services in both laboratory and therapeutic groups. Doctor’s visit, nursing services, various medical tests and their interpretation, as well as corona test, are some of the services of this system.

Humka started its work in July 2019 with the idea of ​​developing technology in the field of health. This startup has registered more than 100,000 completed requests in its portfolio.

In 1400, Lian Capital invested in this company after examining the capabilities and brilliant capabilities of the Humka team. Lean Capital is a private equity firm that invests specifically in mature and emerging businesses in the healthcare industry. In addition to cash investments, this company is looking for innovative solutions to create added value in this industry.

With the investment of Lian Capital, Humka managed to travel the path of its growth and development at a faster pace and achieve great achievements in this way.

Advantages of on-site health services

  • Saving time and travel costs

Visiting hospitals and laboratories is not an easy task for some patients and the elderly, and it is done with great difficulty. On the other hand, each visit to these centers requires a few hours of people’s daily time; Time that is important for working people and they can dedicate it to their other work. On-site health services are an ideal solution for this group of people. Saving people’s time and travel costs are among the interesting advantages of on-site health services. As one of the on-site health service providers, Humka startup provides facilities such as tests, doctor’s visits, injections, corona tests, and physiotherapy.

  • Services for the greater convenience of special patients

People with chronic heart and lung diseases or cancer usually need long-term care and are forced to constantly commute between home and hospital for these services. For example, cancer patients must do a test to determine the amount of their blood cells before each chemotherapy. To perform this test and receive its answer, patients usually spend a few hours in hospitals or laboratories; An incident that causes double pressure and anxiety in this category of patients. Using on-site testing services can be more convenient for these people and also help their health.

  • Comfort of patients during recovery

Care steps for patients who undergo surgery are not limited only to the hospital and the first days after the operation. Some of these patients who undergo heavy operations, especially if they are middle-aged or old, need long-term care. Humka offers special services during recovery to these patients. These services include physiotherapy, injections, serum therapy and the temporary presence of a nurse to change dressings.

  • More freedom of action

Patients who are cared for at home will have more freedom of action and independence to do their personal and daily tasks. Especially children who become restless and anxious in health centers and this issue causes many problems for their parents. By benefiting from on-site health services, you can create a calm and stress-free environment and speed up the process of treating or diagnosing the disease.

Humca’s main goal is to improve people’s experience in receiving health services on site through innovation and creating sustainable values ​​in the health industry.

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