A guide to buying Bluetooth hands-free in the price category below one million tomans


One of the most important accessories of mobile phones is bluetooth handsfree. This device became very popular especially in recent years due to the removal of 3.5 mm jack from flagship phones. Currently, many mid-range phones do not support this port, and this trend will probably reach cheap prices as well. Of course, there are alternative solutions such as wired headphones and earphones with a USB type C port or using a conversion of this port, but none of them are easily a Bluetooth hands-free.

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There are various types of Bluetooth hands-free, such as headphones, neck-based hands-free, and true wireless, the latter type being known as AirPods or AirPods. But whatever type you want to buy, you will be faced with a lot of variety, which makes it difficult to choose and compare even for technical people. The IT team is by your side and helps you make the best choice. Today we want to introduce you the best True Wireless in the price range below one million Tomans, or in other words, the cheapest True Wireless. There are many choices in this price range, from fake models of well-known brands to basic models from a number of other reputable manufacturers.


It is usually said that economic models do not have good quality and performance, while being cheap is not always a reason for low product quality, and it is not that you cannot find a cheap device with good quality. We also introduce you products that are from reputable brands and have a high purchase value. But you need to pay attention to one thing: in this price range and even three times this range, don’t expect luxury and premium products with professional music playback quality, advanced noise cancellation, great ergonomics and features like that! However, you can be sure that any of the options in this list can get you started.

Our criteria for choosing these models from a large number of similarly priced options was based on factors such as acceptable battery life, stable Bluetooth connectivity, good design, reliable branding, and finally their user experience. The options are sorted from the lowest price to the highest.

In your choice from among the introduced models, pay attention to the type of series in terms of whether it is simple or silicone. Silicones usually prevent ambient sound from entering the ear, and in this sense, they can bring a better experience of listening to music, but not all users are comfortable with the silicone series.

Lenovo SEP LP1

Lenovo Airpod bluetooth headphones

The cheapest option from our suggestions is a Bluetooth handsfree from Lenovo brand, which has more features than expected for its price. Among the strengths of this device, it can be mentioned that it has the IPX4 standard for water resistance, Bluetooth version 5, and the use of Type C port to charge the battery. Lenovo SEP LP1 has good music playback and conversation quality and is equipped with noise cancellation. Also, the manufacturer claims 15 hours of charging time for playing music for this model, which is not far from expected considering the capacity of 300 mAh battery case and 50 mAh for each of the headphones.


QCY T17 bluetooth handsfree

QCY is one of the famous manufacturers of all kinds of bluetooth headphones and handsfrees, and the products of this brand have a wide variety. The T17 model is one of the economical yet efficient True Wireless available in the Iranian market, and if you have a limited budget for buying AirPods, it can be a good choice for you. QCY T17 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 and can have a stable connection. In the manufacturer’s description, 7.5 hours of battery life is mentioned for playing music and 4.5 hours for talking. The presence of noise cancellation is good news in this price range, but this model does not have any certification for moisture resistance.


QCY MOB T13 bluetooth handsfree purchase guide

Again, we suggest a model of QCY brand. This model is a little more expensive than the previous option, but for this price, let’s mention more features, including better ergonomics and IPX4 certification for moisture resistance. QCY MOB T13 is equipped with four microphones and has the ability to target noise and enhance conversation. Due to support by dedicated application, touch controls and gaming mode, along with 7.5 hours of battery life for playing music and 4.5 hours for talking, T13 is worth buying.

Hilo T15

Cheap wireless bluetooth handsfree buying guide

Hilo is one of the subgroups of Xiaomi company and its accessories sell well in the Iranian market. True Wireless Hilo T15 is introduced as a special game model that shows a very low delay in receiving and sending sound. Having an IPX5 certificate, it is resistant to moisture and sweat. Good music sound quality and dedicated noise canceling microphones seem very good for the price of this device. If you are into online games, you can consider Hilo T15 as one of the right options, considering features such as audio transmission speed, good ergonomics, and strong battery.

Xiaomi ELH True Air 2 SE

Buying guide for Xiaomi ELH True Air 2 SE cheap AirPodsXiaomi earbuds have a lot of variety and are present in different price ranges. One of the points that you should pay special attention to when buying the products of this brand is the originality of the product. Fake samples of Xiaomi products are sold in abundance in the market. Therefore, paying attention to a valid warranty regarding this brand is very important. The ELH True Air 2 model has a beautiful and ergonomic design, it is resistant to moisture. It also has a powerful battery and supports various music codecs while being equipped with a low-power chip. The noise canceling system and 14mm driver are also advantages of this model, which can mean higher quality music playback.

Nokia E3101

Nokia is a long way from its glory days and many of our younger audience may not remember the days when this brand ruled the world of communication, but Nokia products are still well accepted, though not as much as they used to be. E3101 Bluetooth hands-free model is one of the very good Nokia products in the Iranian market. Among the advantages of this model, we can name beautiful design, very light weight, good ergonomics, 8-hour battery life and IP44 certificate for use under rain and sweat resistance. The 13mm driver is the winning card of E3101 in its price category.

Green TWS

Green is an old and reliable Iranian brand that has recently released several Bluetooth hands-free models to the market. Of course, due to the similarity of the products of this company with a wide range of examples in the market, it is easy to guess that the OEM method was used for production. Through the tests, we found that Green AirPods are of good quality and provide a better experience than using OEM phones with an Iranian brand. The TWS model is one of Green’s products in the price range below one million tomans. This handsfree has advantages such as good battery life, touch controls and good quality of playing music and conversation.

Lenovo SEP LP5

Lenovo SEP LP50 bluetooth handsfree buying guide

Another offer from the Lenovo brand is the SEP LP5 model at a price of nearly one million tomans. This model has good music playback quality with double diaphragm and 13mm drivers. Things such as 24-hour battery life (taking into account the case battery), IPX5 resistance standard, touch controls and very good ergonomics are other reasons for recommending this product. True Wireless are.

Mac Dodo HP-802 S1

Mac Do Do is one of the reliable brands in the production of smartphone accessories such as Blunothi handsfree. For this price range, we recommend True Wireless HP-802 S1. Advanced touch controls, good design, very high build quality of headphones and case, use of TWS technology, IPX5 water and dust standard, powerful sound driver and quad HD microphones, as well as powerful noise cancellation are some of our reasons for this recommendation.

Aki model EP-T21

Aki is also one of the most reliable and reliable manufacturers of accessories. The EP-T21 model is also considered one of the cheapest of this brand in the price range of around one million, which is worth buying. This model brings features such as high build quality, light weight, 11 mm driver with neodymium magnet and touch controls for music and calls at an affordable price. On the manufacturer’s website, there are things like Bluetooth 5 for fast, stable and efficient pairing, clear sound and maintaining the original quality, maximum 5 hours of sound output with a single charge, 6 times charging through the case and a total of 35 hours of total playback time. has been

We have introduced the best Bluetooth handsfrees available in the market for purchase. Don’t forget to pay attention to the authenticity of the product, seller’s credit and warranty when buying a bluetooth handsfree or any other digital device. If you have any other suggestions or experience using any of the suggested models in our list, we will be happy to share them with us and the IT audience through the comments section at the end of this article.

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