A Chinese company unveiled a copy of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max


Every year, the new Apple flagship phone is introduced by Chinese manufacturing companies in this country before the official introduction by the American company. In fact, the Chinese did not wait for the first official presentation of Apple’s handsets and launched the copied version of the future iPhone. 2022 is no exception to this rule. The native version of iPhone 14 Pro Max with Android operating system is now on display in the Chinese market.

This geometry lacks any characteristic features; But you should definitely not count on the performance of the camera on par with Apple’s new flagship or the same performance as the A15 chip. However, the design of the iPhone 14 Pro Max (at least as various teasers and leaks suggest) is closely simulated. This applies to the display along with the 2 indicator holes on it and the main camera module.


This source notes that the company producing the copied iPhone 14 Pro Max model not only tried to accurately simulate the design of the original handset; Rather, even the box and its packaging contents are made as much as possible according to Apple’s taste, and we see the use of barcodes, protective layer on the screen and similar accessories. Of course, the custom Android skin is also copied exactly from the iOS user interface.

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