6 models of the most popular phones in the Iranian market


Mobile phones, which we refer to as smart phones today, have found such a wide and diverse field that they have made it difficult for people to choose, but among them there are models that are luckier than others and a large part of this luck It is because of the good capabilities that have been given to them. With this introduction, you must have realized that we want to talk about these popular ones and provide a list that can help you buy a phone. So, without delay, we welcome these phones:

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Authentic brands to buy mobile phones

Currently, technology has advanced so much that there is not much difference between the types of brands that produce Android mobile phones. All of them are of high quality, they have used the new and innovative features on the phone today, and you can use them for all kinds of daily use, photography and videography, Instagram admin, and of course, games. But there are brands that we would like to talk more about:


There is no one who does not know Samsung phones and everyone knows the authenticity of this Korean brand. Online shopping for Samsung mobile phones is associated with great satisfaction, and many people not only in Iran, but also in many foreign countries prefer to use this brand. They have a more reasonable price list than their strong competitor, Apple, and at the same time they have great features. Their series, which we will mention further, and of course galaxy s, a member of the Samsung phone family, have always had many fans and are among the best sellers in online shopping.

We have assigned the next brand to Xiaomi; A Chinese brand that has been able to be a good competitor for Samsung by reducing the price and cost in the production of mobile phones, and in the last few years, by raising the quality, it has increased its influence in this highly competitive environment. The poco series of these phones has many fans and there are many young people who like to play a variety of massive games only on this brand’s game phone series.

Of course, there are other brands, such as Huawei, which is considered another Chinese brand, or even an Iranian brand such as J Plus. There are also a limited number of phones from brands such as Nokia and Sony, brands that were once the kings of the mobile phone world, which still have their own fans.

A few models that we should think about buying

1. Samsung Galaxy mobile phone a13

Let us assign the first case to the a13 phone; Among the specifications of this Samsung phone, you can mention a powerful Snapdragon processor, three main cameras with a resolution of 50 to 13, and a battery that has a lot of power, and you can hope to use it for a full day without needing to recharge. The Samsung a13 phone has a good price and you can buy the a13 for less than 5 million Tomans in the current market of Iran (summer 1401).

Let’s not forget to add these things that the 6.6-inch screen of this phone allows you to easily watch all kinds of your favorite movies and its 8 megapixel selfie camera has a very good quality for photography. These mobile phones are among Samsung’s mid-range models, and because they are in the Galaxy A series, you can be sure that the quality and features of this product will satisfy you for a long time.

Introduction of popular and popular phones in Iran

The use of this product is for daily use, making audio and video calls, taking good quality photos (not professional, of course), playing normal games, and of course reading books and listening to music and podcasts, and it can be a very suitable gift for parents. But if you like to take more professional photos with these mid-range phones, we suggest you try some good mobile photography apps and learn photography tricks at the same time.

2. Poco phone M3

The very interesting thing about this phone is that it was able to achieve the sales record in 2021 and among its strong competitors, of course, among the mid-range phones in the market. But if we want to talk about the reasons for this being the first, we come to these things:

It seems that the back cover of this phone has a leather texture and along with its beautiful design, it conveys a good feeling to the users. Also, the unusual camera module along with the POCO name has given the phone a unique face. In the front view, the large 6.53-inch screen with FHD resolution has been a very good choice and is very suitable for doing daily tasks, reading books, and of course playing games. Among the hardware features, we should also mention the Snapdragon 662 chip, which makes users feel at ease about the smooth operation of the phone. The Poco M3 mobile phone is supplied with a 6000 mAh battery and an 18W fast charger (type c model) inside the box.

The most popular Poco phone in Iran

This phone was launched in 2020, it is presented in black, blue and yellow colors and its weight is 198 grams. Its initial Android is 10, but it can be upgraded to Android 12. The price of this phone is also great and currently you can buy it for less than 4 million Tomans from reputable stores.

3. Other phones worth buying

If we want to go back to Samsung, we can introduce two good mobile phones, both of which are placed in the A series. The first one is the Samsung Galaxy a32 and the second is the a52. The first case has a similar design to the Samsung S series, and for this reason, its beauty is more impressive, and it also has the ability to support 5G internet, and the second case that was introduced, has a faster update rate than the older member of the family, namely a51, IP67 certification. It is water and dust resistant and supports a 25W charger and dual stereo speakers.

Others include the X3 Pro and the Poco X3NFC, both members of the Xiaomi family and designed for gamers. Of course, Poco X3 NFC is dedicated to gamers.

Last point

Depending on your needs, your definition of a good phone may differ, but we all agree on buying phones with good quality, durable batteries, and high-resolution screens.

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