5 Major Changes & Features are Expected in Windows 11


According to the leaked version of Windows 11, various parts of Windows, such as icons, the Start menu, and the taskbar, have changed dramatically, and new features have been added to this version.

Many thought that Windows 10 was the latest version of Windows; But this does not seem to be the end of the game. After much speculation, the initial version of Windows 11 was revealed. By accessing Windows 11 version 21996, you can understand the future of this Windows. Numerous sources have confirmed this version. Because installing a leaked version pf Windows 11 on devices are dangerous, it can be installed with the ISO on a virtual machine and experienced. Here are five features of Windows 11.

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Different appearance, new icons, rounded corners, etc.

The design of the original versions of Windows has always undergone significant changes; But Microsoft always keeps some old features. Windows 11 has also changed a lot in appearance. These changes include the design of small elements that give Windows 11 a whole new look. Many of these design changes are from Windows 10X, which Microsoft canceled.

First of all, we are faced with the new Windows logo, which is a big change. By entering the desktop, you can see a new set of icons. File Explorer has also taken on a new look, and the library folder icon has changed. The spacing between menu items has increased and the corners have become rounder. These can also be found in other sections of the Windows user interface.

Task View has also changed, and multiple desktop bars appear at the bottom to give it a more regular look. Other aesthetic changes include new sounds such as start and turn sounds. The Action Center looks cleaner. Another change is the new window display system. You can view your windows in four different formats by hovering over the Maximize / Restore button.

Updated taskbar

In Windows 11, the icons are located in the center of the Taskbar. In previous years, icons were always aligned to the left. Of course, in the new Windows 11 you can align the icons from the left. The height of the taskbar is higher than before and you can no longer access the classic menu by left-clicking on it; Instead, there are stand-alone options in the taskbar settings for this purpose.

One of the options that seems to have been removed, at least in this version of Windows 11, is the lock / unlock taskbar. The taskbar is locked by default, and there is no easy way to get it out of this mode and adjust its height or position on the screen.

Start menu evolution

The Start menu is another iconic element of Windows and has changed drastically in Windows 11. Applications are pinned at the top of the menu, and there are settings for multiple pages. You can access all apps by clicking All apps.

Below this section is the Recommended tab, which is a combination of recent and recommended programs and files. A See more option is seen to expand the list of applications. The Account menu and the Power menu are at the bottom. The new Start menu is a new combination of old elements, but one of its key elements has been removed: Live tiles.

Live Tiles, the option that went from Microsoft Zone to Windows Phone and then to Windows 8, has been removed from this version of Windows 11. Of course, you should not worry about these changes; Because there is a way to return to the old Start menu in Windows 11.


Windows 11 has dedicated buttons for widgets. This button is purely custom content for Microsoft services such as MSN, which is displayed in a mosaic. The Widgets section is not a completely new feature. The current version of Windows 10 also includes a News and Interests button that has a similar function. The content displayed is similar to the content that appears on the Microsoft Edge welcome page. There are no signs of the widget API or other website content in the Widgets section; But other content may also be featured in this section in the near future.

Deeper integration of Microsoft services

Deeper integrations of Microsoft services can be seen in Windows 11. First of all, the ability to search the web has become more exciting and attractive. In addition, the drive is seen in File Explorer. For example, when you take a screenshot in Windows 11, you are asked if you want to save it to OneDrive. You can save the screenshot to OneDrive by pressing the print key.

You also have the option to uninstall or delete the drive; But if you use OneDrive, you will have a better user experience with Windows 11. Microsoft has updated the Xbox app to Windows 11, and you can access Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Store, and Xbox Network games. This version provides more coherent integration for Microsoft services.

Windows 11 does not forget old users

Windows has grown and expanded over time. After the scandal of Windows 8, which integrated the Metro UI and the classic Windows UI, Microsoft let us have both. This process has continued in Windows 11. For example, the old control panel is still seen in Windows 11. You can use the control panel to configure the system instead of the Settings app. Windows 11 allows the user to restore old elements and captures the visual elements of Windows 10X. “This is just the beginning,” the Windows Twitter account quoted as saying.

More changes in Windows 11

The above are just a few examples of the features and changes in Windows 11, and they will definitely be more complete on June 24, the official release date of Windows. There is also talk of offering Windows 11 as a free upgrade to users of newer versions of Windows. We just have to wait and see what happens.


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