3. What message does the most visited advertisement on the wall convey in 1400?


Making money and prosperity in a cheap way

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“Arizo 6 Turbo Excellent Facilities” with more than 308,000 views, hiring a motor courier with 278,000 views, and carpet sales ad with 232,000 views are the most visited ads recorded in the performance report of the wall site in 1400.


“Creation and acquisition of prosperity”, “making money” and “cheap and maybe strange price” are among the indicators that each of these popular advertisements benefit from. According to the economic conditions of the society these days, people are generally driven to earn more money and prosperity. Sometimes in the meantime, if an ad or offer can provide welfare, more income or special and hassle-free facilities for people, it will definitely be more welcomed.

The condition of replacing a car is one of those facilities that create prosperity for people. The possibility of changing the car without needing to spend a long time for advertising, promotion, providing information to potential buyers and its surrounding issues, psychologically makes the qualified applicant inclined to replace his car instead of selling it. In this situation, considering special facilities, in addition to comfort, emphasizes the sense of respect and customer orientation on the part of that complex for the applicant. At this stage, it may not be financially beneficial for the ad applicant, but creating a level of well-being has made people eager to read and share this ad.

“Motor Courier” as a job provides an opportunity for a person to choose it as a full-time or part-time job just by purchasing a motor and having the relevant certificate. Obtaining a job opportunity that has a choice of working hours in 25 different neighborhoods of Tehran, has guaranteed and hourly wages, does not require an extraordinary amount of capital to start work, a person can work without time limit as long as he needs it, and a bonus at the end of the night , is one of the most popular factors of this ad.

Another analysis that can be obtained from this ad, which by the way includes all of the above, is the rate of inflation in society and the need for a second or part-time job. This job can generate decent income to cover some living expenses.

Selling carpets at a strange price is the third most visited ad on the wall site. The pricing of 1 million for a 6-meter carpet, even though the price of the carpet is in the same price category, can be one of the most important indicators of the popularity of this ad. This ad is not just selling carpets at a reasonable price, it is an idea to start a business with a reasonable amount of capital. An expert in this field can see a number of carpets with suitable dimensions in a certain environment, buy them at once and transfer them to the desired place.

In all of these ads, the desire to earn more without any administrative hassles is one of the highlights that have led to hundreds of thousands of visits.

The data related to this report was published in the 1400 wall report. You can read the report here.

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