20 new emojis have been introduced for phones!


The 15th version of the Unicode standard was introduced, which includes 20 new emojis in its list. with us in IT provider Follow the details of this news.

It’s that time of year when we get new emojis. Unicode Consortium It finally released its annual Unicode update, bringing it to version 15.0.


Among the several thousand new characters released, we have 20 new emojis, including a shaking face and a deer.

Emoji 15.0 has been released, making it official the addition of a slew of new emoji. Among these new emojis, we have a pink heart that has been requested by many people for years, and among them, new light blue and gray hearts are also seen. Others include two left and right hand shake emojis, a shaking face, a maraca, a deer, a donkey, and a Wi-Fi icon.

New emoji
With 20 brand new emojis and 11 new sequels, 10 of which are new versions of skin tones, the total changes come to 31. The total number of emojis recommended by Unicode is now 3664.
You can’t use these new emojis right now. Instead, you’ll have to wait for your device to receive an update to support them. Android 13 and iOS 16 updates are likely to roll out in the coming months with support for these new emojis. Google has confirmed that they’re all coming to Android soon, and will be available across Google products early next year. Likewise, apps like WhatsApp will likely support them individually for devices not supported by those updates.

Until then, you can copy and paste the Unicode symbols for those emojis, although at the time of writing you won’t see more than a black/white square anywhere, probably due to the lack of support on most devices.

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