2 other senior executives left Apple


According to reports, 2 other senior executives are on the verge of leaving Apple. Bloomberg news agency claimed in a report that Anna Mathiason; The senior vice president of online retail has left Apple and Mary Demby; The company’s chief information officer also retires. These two women held important responsibilities in Apple. Ms. Matthiasson was in charge of Apple’s online store, and Ms. Demby was in charge of the Apple Store’s technology management as well as the company’s service and production unit.

According to the Bloomberg news agency, Karen Rasmussen will now take charge of Apple’s online retail; But the replacement of Mrs. Dembi has not been determined yet. Apple did not respond to The Verge’s immediate response request for an explanation regarding the departure of its executives.


Anna Mathiason and Mary Demby are the latest in a series of personalities who have left Apple in recent weeks. Evans Hankey, who is responsible for the company’s industrial design after Jony Ive’s departure from Apple in 2019; He will step down from his position around April next year. Also, according to some internal reports, Jane Horvath; The chief privacy officer is also leaving Apple soon.

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Last month, Tony Blevins; Apple’s Vice President of Procurement was fired from Apple due to his ill-considered comments in a TikTok video; Although his situation is completely different from other people out of Apple.

Although the departure of a few senior Apple executives does not necessarily mean their mass exodus from Apple; But if this phenomenon becomes a common practice, it will be a cause of concern for the Cupertino giant. It is interesting to note that, except for Tony Blevins, all other managers who left Apple were women.

Apple has big goals for diversifying its leadership team; But exits like this can make it difficult to achieve this goal. According to Apple’s website, at the end of 2021, women made up 31.4% of the company’s leadership team. Apple’s report for 2022 will probably be published around March 2023.

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